Day Seven- The Grasslands and Shopping

20 07 2011

Inner Mongolia is known for its’ Grasslands. We were able to
take a trip to see this beautiful terrain. It was amazing to see the rolling
hills and isolated country side. We visited the home of a family that lives in
a village on the Grasslands. They let us come inside and served milk tea along
with a light snack. It was Mongolian cheese and biscuits. It was amazing to see
their humble home yet their productive and busy lives. They never stood still
for a moment. They were very busy filling our tea cups and attending to the
sheep farmer. Originally we saw the sheep farmer drive in with a load of sheep.
In hind sight, I should have known that he was not driving around that isolated
area for fun. We started out to “see the sheep” with Grace and Melody
and I realized that he had taken off one sheep and had him upside down on a
post. He had slaughtered the sheep and was busy cutting away the skin. I just
about lost my milk tea and snack. I quickly turned around and grabbed Grace and
made her look away. She continued to ask what was wrong so I had to explain.
She began to cry, okay she was sobbing! My precious Grace loves animals. She
could not stand the thought of anyone killing a sheep. She had NOT seen what
was happening-thank the Lord!  The journey to and from the Grassland was about two hours in one direction. The
roads were often very winding and the roads were not always paved. As a matter
of fact, at one point, we were traveling on a dirt road through a village. When
we asked why we got off the main road, our guide explained that we had to pay a
government fee ahead on the main road. They chose to travel through the village
to help the local people monetarily. Each family of the village takes a turn to
collect the money. They are allowed to keep anything they collect. The village
was very primitive and without running water.

We stopped by a stone “wishing well” and made a
wish with a rock in our hand. We walked around the well three times and then
threw the rock on top of the well so the wish would come true. This is an old
belief of the local villages. Dad and I decided that if we continued to march
seven times the well might fall down! (Does that story sound familiar to
anyone?)  I will let you all know if my
wish comes true so you can travel here to Inner Mongolia to make your wish a

Our guide then took us to do some local shopping. The market
was really a factory and we were able to tour various sections of the factory.
The workers were actually working so hard on their part of the craft. It was
amazing to see the assembly line they had going on. It would make for a very
long day of work. We did some shopping but did not find the prices to be all
that great. We did make sure that our Melody had a traditional Mongolian dress
outfit. She will just look amazing in this cute outfit.

After such a long day and very little to eat, we headed to
the local Pizza Hut for a quick dinner. It was nice to sit and relax! We
enjoyed the entire day with another family that is here to adopt an adorable
little boy. They have named him Liam! His smile will light up the room. He is
full of energy and laughter. This sweet family is so much fun. We look forward
to keeping in touch in the future.

Melody had the best day yet! She is talking all the time! We
still are not sure what she is saying but she babbles about everything. She
actually called my name today! She yelled out, “MAMA!” I was walking
ahead of her and she was trying to get my attention. It melted my heart. She
still struggled at bedtime but it was minimal! Thank you for your prayers for
her. We still need you to intercede on her behalf. She still has healing
emotionally that needs to take place. I cannot wait for you all to meet her!


Just a few notes:


*To my running girls-I miss you-have not had one moment to
run! UUUGGHHH!!!


*To my Bruegger’s friends-I miss you, my unsweet tea and


*To Mocha-get off the table! I miss you little puppy!


*To my wonderful mom-I have not worried one moment about
Bolt and Princess-Thank you!!


*To everyone reading these long post- you are wonderful! I
am thankful that you care!




3 responses

20 07 2011

Wow! What an amazing day! The pictures are awesome, but my favorite is the picture of Doug and baby girl….. so beautiful. I am so glad you got to experience this part of Inner Mongolia. Your girl is beginning to look more relaxed and her personality does seem to be coming through – answered prayers indeed!
I wish I could have been there to witness the sheep incident. I am so sorry for Grace, but I bet your reactions were priceless. Did you enjoy the meal?

Love you and miss you!!!

20 07 2011

Love following your day to day activities of your family and sweet Melody. Looking forward to seeing you at the next CAS event.

20 07 2011

OK where is my comment? I posted one this morning and now it is gone. Weird!

What a wonderful experience you all had today. I am sorry about the sheep and how that upset Grace.

Wish I could be there too!

Love you!

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