Day Six- Passport Application

19 07 2011

We left our hotel at 8:30 am and went to apply for Melody’s passport application. Then we went to the local Police station to take her picture and complete the passport process. Our guide had us back to our hotel and said goodbye for the day at 10:30am. We went walking to just explore and people watch. It’s just amazing what hard workers the Chinese people are required to be. They even have to work hard at transportation. The number of bicycles is so astounding! Yes, many people are driving but they do not abide by the “rules/laws” like we do in the States. It’s every man/woman for themselves. If you need to drive on the wrong side of the street to get somewhere faster…then by all means-go for it! I nearly put a hole in the floor of each vehicle that we ride in- trying to stop the car with my own break! They also use their car horns as a means of communication. Our guide said that the car horn is not a bad thing in China- Just something that everyone uses. So, horns are firing off all day and all night!! There is nothing better than to experience a culture and lifestyle that takes you out of your comfort zone. We continue to gain a new respect and admiration for the Chinese people.

Dad took Grace and Colt to the pool while Melody took an afternoon nap. They actually got escorted out of the pool! I just cannot take those three anywhere:) Dad did not want to swim due to the cold water. He did not wear a bathing suit-that is not allowed. Who knew?

The rest of our day was spent in the hotel room playing with sweet Melody. We colored, played with a beach ball, painted her toenails, and even watched a movie. Melody had a good day. She was talkative and happy. She is feeling more comfortable and even starting to tell us, “NO!” She has the most beautiful eyes and the most contagious laugh! You  just have to smile when that girl is laughing! She continues to wear her red bracelet that she wore the day we got her. It’s very special to her. She holds onto it like it’s her lifeline. We are happy to let her wear it for as long as she needs to-we want her to feel safe with us! This little red bracelet is providing comfort and safety in her little mind. It just breaks my heart to watch her scramble for it when it falls off. God is good to us and has blessed us more that we could ask or think. We are overwhelmed at His faithfulness to us!

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19 07 2011

She is so beautiful! So glad to hear things are going well. Tell everyone hello from the Rices.


19 07 2011

Love the toenails!!! Glad to see that you have had some downtime. Sorry that your family got kicked out of the pool, but wish I had been there to laugh at them! Your girl looks happier every day. I’m sorry about the NO word, but happy to hear that she is feeling comfortable. She and her little sister at home are going to be one great team. Better get your game on, sister. (: Looks like the 2 big kids are having a good time also. Miss you tons. Can’t wait to meet your precious princess.

19 07 2011

God really is good my dear friend! Looking at her sleep in your arms warms my heart! It looks as if she’s feeling more comfortable each day…..she definitely seems to have found peace in the arms of her mommy!

We sure missed you last night…..not the same without you. Lots and lots to catch you up on…….. 🙂

Miss you~

19 07 2011

How precious! And she’s a thumb sucker. We love thumb suckers!
You are so sweet to care for her need to feel comfortable with you.

19 07 2011

I think those are about the sweetest little tootsies I’ve ever seen. 🙂

Are you ready for some CFA yet???? Missing you, friend!

19 07 2011

So good to hear she’s laughing! What a joyous sound! We are praying for you and know what you are going through. It won’t be long before everyone is together at home again. Hang in there! One less, baby!

19 07 2011
K,S,& D

Grace & Bolt(Colt), I can’t keep up!!! I’m too old now. ANYWAY, I am so proud of you two!!!!! You are jumping right in and making your new sister feel so loved. We can tell she is very happy around you both. LOVE the picture of the 3 of you walking down the hall.PRICELESS!! D & I are headed to Southport with Mom & Dad on Wed. We will be away from computer for a few days but will be keeping up with you through S. Love you all. the pictures are great.

Love K,S & D

20 07 2011
Corinne Chausse

So happy for you and your family. Having just been there last week and experienced so much of the same, I am so glad sweet Melody seems to be adjusting so well. It is remarkable how fast they adapt. But I know the prayer of friends and family is a mighty force that makes so may rough paths smooth. Praying you and your family will experience a truly safe, sweet, blessed time as you experience the first days with your newest family member. Blessings, Corinne

20 07 2011

Hello friends! Leave it to Doug to get kicked out of the pool. Maybe you should try swimming in the Pearl River instead. No swim trunk or cap needed for that one!

I love the red bracelet, the toe nails, the hair, everything about her is precious.

Wish I was there with you!!!!

22 07 2011

Just back from the family vacation and LOVING reading your updates – Praise the Lord!

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