Day 13 – Consulate Appointment/Shaiman Island

4 06 2013

We had our Consulate Appointment today! It was so easy but just a little emotional for me. It always get me choked up to think about my babies finally becoming US citizens. Although it will not be official until Levi touches his feet on the ground in the Chicago O’Hare International Airport!

Our guide took us to Pedestrian Street and to the pearl market. We had been to the pearl market two other times so we just walked around with the other families. It still amazes me to see six floors of nothing but pearls and jewelry! It’s CRAZY! It’s too much for me to even begin to make a decision.

When we returned to the hotel we jumped in a cab and headed to Shaiman Island. We spent several hours there just looking around and shopping a little. Then we realized that we had not brought very much money and barely had enough to get a cab back to the hotel! Shame on us for not being prepared!

Upon arrival at the hotel, we walked to Takila’s! It’s local Mexican restaurant! Can you believe it? We ate the best meal we have had since we left the US! It was expensive but so delicious. We started to really get excited about heading home to all the comforts of home. BUT mostly to our family and friends! We have missed those we love and we can’t wait to get off the plane in Charlotte.

Levi probably thinks that his new life is all about go, go, go! He must wonder if he will ever get to sit and play with toys for more that 30 minutes. We know that he is so confused. It will not be long until he gets to see his new life. It’s a life full of love and so many people who want to meet him! He just has NO idea!

God is faithful and true! You can count on it!

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord,

“plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give

you hope and a future.”

Jeremiah 29:11




3 responses

4 06 2013
Aldyn Keefer

Oh Levi looks so good in the red, white and blue!! Such a cutie! We are so excited for his little toes to step on US soil! He is going to love being a part of your sweet family! You’ll be home soon!!!

4 06 2013

Yay for Mexican food!!!!! We were at OTB Sunday after church, and I thought of you! Love Levi’s smile in today’s photos!

4 06 2013
Linda Huber

Praise God, it is all going well and you are almost HOME! Love you both so much and I am so excited to meet Levi! God Speed your last days, and get you back HOME to your Waiting Family! Love, Mom aka Grandma Huber and or GLAMMY!

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