Day 12- Shopping on Shaiman Island/TB Results

4 06 2013

We have the BEST news ever! We are TB free and that means that we are free to come home as soon as Levi gets his visa. We are so thankful that we are yet another step closer to being with our family. This is our third trip and has been by far the most difficult for Douglas and I to be away from our children. They are in the most capable hands of my wonderful mom but we have just missed them so much. We cannot wait to come home.

Today we were scheduled to visit the Six-Banyan Temple but we have already been there twice. We opted not to go and had a free day. (except from 1:30-2:00pm for TB results) We decided to head to Shaiman Island. This is one of my favorite places in all the world. I just love the atmosphere and the architecture. We have heard that Island was just not the same as in the years past. One of the major hotels on the Island has been closed for remodeling. (After seeing it today, I would say remodel is NOT the right word! They have gutted the entire building down to concrete supports.) Therefore, the traffic on the Island has changed tremendously. There are more shops open now that in July of 2011! YES, the Island is quiet and not very crowded but the made it more endearing to me. The people that own the shops are obviously in hard times and have raised the prices. I assume that is the whole supply and demand issue! I have a wonderful few hours and will be going back tomorrow to spend more time shopping and strolling around! It’s so peaceful and just a little piece of heaven for me.

We were back in the hotel room by 1:30 and prayed that our guide did NOT call us with the bad news of TB! He did not call and we were thanking God for his watch care of that situation. Then we all took a much needed nap!

At 5:50, we left for the infamous Riverboat cruise. It was a great experience. We have wanted to go on the cruise for about four years. The food was terrible but our Levi thought it was GREAT! He ate more than his fair share. He also loved the wind flowing through his short little hair. He seemed to be loving the time on the river. Douglas and I tried to take some pictures but honestly we had our hands full making sure he did not go overboard. The cruise ended with a lady doing some balance tricks, juggling and dancing. It was a very nice evening that we shared with several other adoptive families. We are thankful for our hotel beds by 10:00pm when we got back. This hard bed never felt so good! Two more sleeps until I can sleep in my own bed! Praise the LORD!!!

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“You are my God, and I will praise you;

you are my God, and I will exalt you.

Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good;

his love endures forever.”

Psalm 118:28 & 29




2 responses

4 06 2013
The Such Family

Such wonderful blessings… I can only imagine how ready you are to be home! We made a video and sent it to your cell phone of the kids with Mocha. I don’t know if you got it or not but you will when you get stateside. it can provide a little entertainment! We thought it might help Levi if he saw Mocha we showed a video first especially with other kids. Cant wait to see you guys and meet Levi!

4 06 2013
Aldyn Keefer

Yay! Praise the Lord for great news!! Celebrating with you half a world away! We took your family dinner last night and they were all doing GREAT!! Your mom looked radiant and everything was in perfect order! 🙂 We are looking forward to seeing you very soon!! Love and hugs!

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