Day 11- Safari Park

3 06 2013

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We spent our entire day in  the Guangzhou Safari Park. We had visited the zoo in 2011 when we were here to bring home Hannah Li. The park had really changed so much. They have added three large exhibits and we could tell they are continuing to build. The animals were mostly the same but they added a snake and dinosaur exhibit. Levi enjoyed the animals but we can tell he has a fear of animals. This is a little concerning being that we have a dog. He watched all that was going on in the zoo but never really had any major reactions. He is definitely a laid back kind of kid! The weather was VERY warm and after about five hours in the sun, we were ready for a break. We spent a little time in the room and then headed to dinner with friends. They took us to a local Chinese restaurant. I ordered noodles and veggies. Doug ordered rice and pork. My noodles were good but very spicy. They never brought Doug’s food. It was so weird. We kept asking for it and they would say okay but finally we just told them to cancel it because everyone was ready to go. I felt really bad for him. We had eaten breakfast but nothing else but ice cream at the Park. I know he had to be hungry but he did not complain once!

I want to add a little to this post about the “real story” behind our little guy. I have read hundreds of adoption travel blogs over the past six years or so. I am always amazed when I follow a families journey and EVERYTHING is perfect the entire time. I am baffled because I know in reality everything cannot be perfect. Children who have a beginning in hard places are in need of patience and understanding. It is obvious to Doug and I that Levi has not been outside of the four walls of the orphanage very often. I am sure they played outside but his experience and knowledge of the outside world is very limited. He has been hungry and that has manifest itself in him picking up every piece of food that drops on the floor or food he sees on the ground outside and trying to eat it. He is needy for attention and is not 100% ready to give and receive love. He wants us to hold him but does not really want us to kiss him. He lets us hug him but does not hug back. He has spent many hours entertaining himself. He has many quirky movements and sounds that we are sure were forms of self-entertainment. He can make a game out of a napkin! Seriously! I am not telling you this to make you feel sorry for him but just to let you know that our journey to Levi is NOT perfect. I want to be honest and truthful!  However, he is our son! He is a precious child of God! I want to have a written record of him now so I can look back in the months and years to come and see how far he has come. We are honored to be able to love him and show him the difference that being part of a family can make! No adoption journey is perfect but the rewards are life changing! The joy of watching the changes and the treasure of introducing him to Jesus is more wonderful than I can articulate.

Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this:

 to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep

oneself from being polluted by the world.

James 1:27




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3 06 2013

The love of a family and the love of Jesus will overcome all. There is no perfect child anywhere whether birthed or adopted.

He is exactly as you said “a precious child of God”.

He has so much to learn about being in a family and I know two big brothers who will be right there to help him.

Praying for you all.

3 06 2013
Debbie wesslen

Maggie did a lot of self soothing also. She bonded to Donna right away but for me it took some time. Call me when you get home if you need to talk.

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