Day 10- More Paperwork and Nanling Park

2 06 2013

Levi’s Medical Exam was the first item on our agenda today. The clinic has been moved off of Shaiman Island and is now located very close to the Garden Hotel. The clinic is so much bigger than before and in a very nice space. They even have AIR CONDITIONING! Imagine that! If you have been here….you know that is HUGE! Our visit went as well as you would expect. Levi was very tolerant of the Doctors and Nurses poking and prodding. He did not cooperate on the eye exam but I do believe he did not totally understand what they wanted him to do. Our guide in Nanchang told us that he speaks the local dialect version on Mandarin. Therefore understanding traditional Mandarin could be hard. Or it is possible that he decided not to cooperate. I would not put that past him. He does have a mind of his own at timesJDuring the Medical exam; they take blood work to verify that he is TB free. This is the next item that needs YOUR prayers! No news is good news and that is what we need…NO NEWS! We are not even going to entertain the “what if’s” at this point!

Day 10 Nanling Park 6.1 009Day 10 Nanling Park 6.1 006

Merry Christmas in June:)

Day 10 Nanling Park 6.1 010

Wine vending machine. You can get the entire bottle! This is a first for me:)

Then we returned to the hotel and our guide told us to take a break in our rooms and one parent to meet on the 30th executive floor to do paperwork. He asked us to have a break and meet him in 15 minutes. What? A 15 minute break? I needed longer to recover from the medical. But I hurried to my room, organized my paperwork and off to the 30th floor I ran! The paperwork was so easy….I got the China side of the paperwork down! Easy! (Now to make the state side easier-that would be an act of Congress…literally!)

One hour later, we were off to Nanling Park! It was a large park and was packed today! Today is a holiday in China…..insert laughter….It’s Children’s day! The park was full of families and activities for children. While it was very hot, we did enjoy the history of herbal tea shop and listening to a gentleman play these small wooden flutes! Due to the holiday, all the little girls were dressed in their finest dresses! Levi rode in a stroller because he still wonders off from us. We had to buy yet another stroller from China (three time now;) just to make sure we did lose him.

** Note: The large white carving is made from camel bone! Ick!

We were stuck in rush hour traffic on the way home but it was nice to talk to a new friend I met via a mutual friend. She is here adopting a precious little boy. His laughter is contagious! We enjoyed our time getting to know her and gleaning from her experience as an adoptive mom!

After arriving at the hotel, we decided to go to dinner with two other families quickly and then come back to hotel to CRASH! At dinner, we got to meet my friend Mary Margaret’s three boys! After all these months of friendship, I finally met her entire family! All three boys are handsome! It was great to spend time with them and get to know their newest addition!

Day 10 Nanling Park 6.1 068Day 10 Nanling Park 6.1 067

Levi’s first Starbucks!

Needless to say…a day FULL! But a day full of blessing too! It does my heart good to see so many families, in our hotel, that are providing families to the fatherless! I want to keep count and post the number on my facebook page! If you know me, I always like to post “One less” when a child meets their forever family. It’s too many to keep track of…but I would just LOVE to post …..”100 less!”  (just guessing at that number!)

What a mighty God we serve! Douglas and I have been adopted into the family of God! We did NOT deserve it! But God paid a HUGE ransom for our lives…..He traded His life for ours! That’s the reason we are willing to pay a ransom for the lives of these children! It’s been done for us. It’s the very heart of God to care for orphans! It’s not easy but oh the reward in our lives. They bring us joy unspeakable! We hear over and over… you have too many kids! …how do you afford so many?…what about college?…in a joking manner people continually make fun of our large crew! But we count it a privilege to parent each child! We have the best news on earth to share with them. We don’t have all the answers but we are best friends with ONE who does! That’s how we do it! We DON’T! God DOES!

“Yes, Barley, it’s okay,” she said.  “Some families look alike and others don’t. All families

are different. What makes a family is their love for each other!”

I Wished for You by Marianne Richmond




2 responses

2 06 2013
Aldyn Keefer

Yay for quick paperwork!! Glad that you are getting to see some of the sites and enjoy the culture. Your pictures are great and Levi is such a cutie!! He seems so happy! We think about you each day and can’t wait for you to return home. Love and hugs!!

3 06 2013

Yeah! The medical is behind you. One step closer to home.

I love the Garden Hotel We took Samantha there in 2006 to an American clinic on the 5th floor. Is it still there? I remember the hotel was beautiful.

If you have a chance to meet the Wang family tell them we said hi. They took picuters of Adam for us at Harmony House several years ago. They adopted a Harmony Baby too!

Looking forward to meeting Levi!

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