Day 7 – Free Day

29 05 2013


This is the happy little guy that we wake up to each morning!

Day 7 - Free Day 5.29 003



He is full of personality!

Day 7 - Free Day 5.29 009


We got dressed and ready to start our day! (Our future’s so bright, we gotta wear shades:)


Day 7 - Free Day 5.29 013


This Chinese boarding school is right outside our hotel window!

Day 7 - Free Day 5.29 010Day 7 - Free Day 5.29 011

We decided that we did not need a tour guide and that we would act as our own tour guides for the day. So we headed off to the Tengwang Pavilion and then the Shengjin Tower.

Day 7 - Free Day 5.29 042Day 7 - Free Day 5.29 033Day 7 - Free Day 5.29 030

Day 7 - Free Day 5.29 047Day 7 - Free Day 5.29 044




Then we headed off for Lunch/Dinner-nothing new..Papa John’s again! UUGGHH! Mini-Grace was waiting

for Emma Grace to wake up and call on Skype.

Day 7 - Free Day 5.29 048

And Levi finished his evening with some noodles. Now this boy can eat some noodles in no time flat! So funny!

Day 7 - Free Day 5.29 054Day 7 - Free Day 5.29 053Day 7 - Free Day 5.29 051


On a sad note. Our little guy had his first melt down tonight. He was actually being naughty and I corrected his behavior. He got very upset and started to cry. I guess once the tears started flowing, he released all the grieving of the past three day. It was heart breaking. I hated to see him like that but honestly I do believe it is better for him to grieve than keep it bottled up inside. He calmed down after about 10 minutes and then went to sleep quickly!

“Little Fox smiled and then thought for a moment. “Mama, will you be my forever mama?

“Always and Forever and no matter what.” She promised. “This is where you belong.

Here, with me, my sweet child. You are mine. The best gift in the whole wide world.

I will always love you and treasure you and celebrate the day you came, the day God Found us you!”







2 responses

29 05 2013

It sounds like things are going so well. I know you are seeing the answer to many prayers. Levi looks like he is happy. Next stop Guangzhou then home!
Praying for continued bonding and safe travels.
Love you guys!

29 05 2013
Melanie H.

Oh, his precious little smile just melts my heart! Praying for you all!

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