Day 4- Levi’s Forever Family Day

26 05 2013

I prayed for this child, and the Lord has granted me what I asked of him.
I Samuel 1:27

What an amazing day! It has been filled with so much emotion and excitement. I know you all just want to hear about Levi so I will not bore you with our travels!

We were told the he would be brought to our room at 4:00 but at 3:15 the doorbell rang and there stood the most precious face! He was obviously very shy but had been told what to expect. He came into the room and very hesitantly began to look at the toys we had set out for him. He watched every move I made. It wasn’t long before he even began to imitate the actions I was making with his toys. (SO VERY ADORABLE) Then the two ladies that brought him talked to him in Mandarin. I have no clue what they told him but you could tell they were giving him the final goodbyes. They both kissed him and walked out of the room. He did not cry but I could tell he was trying to be brave!

We went to dinner and played in the room for the remainder of the day. He even let us give him a bath. It was so funny to watch him hold plank with his legs out in front of him for 5 plus minutes in a row. He just laughed and laughed. He has such a jovial personality! After getting him out of the bath, we put some baby magic lotion on and comfy PJ’s! Then he was 100% Huber! You have to know that all my babies require Baby Magic:)

We have learned so many new things about him in the last few hours:

He is kind and curious.

He loves to play with matchbook cars.

He is very ticklish!

Bath time made him smile.

He just lays down, closes his eyes and goes to sleep.

His first experiences with umbrellas, French fries and a Western style toilet all happened today!

He is painfully thin.

I am not sure why we are always surprised when God gives us yet another blessing but ONCE again we are standing in awe of God amazing plan! This happy little boy has a family. We will always be his family…forever and always and no matter what! We wait with anticipation to introducing you to our son!! He’s amazing!

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“Your busy day is at an end
It’s time to go asleep again
Before your dreams take you away
Hear me when I say

      You are mine, I will never leave you
              I will see you through the night and be here in the morning
                 Close your eyes and have a good time dreaming
                    Knowing you will never be alone because you are mine.”

-Go Fish / You are mine




6 responses

26 05 2013

Cannot imagine all the emotions you must be feeling!!!

26 05 2013
Kristie Huber

Hey!!!! Welcome to the “HUBER CLAN”, Levi!!!!!!! Forever and always, and no matter what!! We love you already. Uncle Steve, Aunt Kristie, and Cousin Danni ❤ ❤

26 05 2013

Praise God for his goodness! I know many prayers have been answered! We can’t wait to welcome Levi home. He looks adorable and happy! Much love to all the Hubers! We are celebrating with you!

26 05 2013
Angie Thomas

Congratulations! He is adorable! Many prayers and blessings to you as you get to know your son!

26 05 2013

Congratulations, and I am SO thankful that your day went so smoothly. God is good~ Levi has a FAMILY and YOU have a new son!

28 05 2013
Aldyn Keefer

Yay!! Another Huber!! What a beautiful family!! We are super excited for all of you and trust that God has a wonderful plan for each of you. We are praying for you that you have good days and restful nights. Many hugs and much love to you!

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