Day 3 Final Day in Shanghai

25 05 2013

This is my second attempt to post tonight. I had the entire post ready and it disappeared. Here we go again!

Our day began with a stop at the Jade Buddha Temple. We requested not to visit any temples on this trip but it was the first stop any way.

Day 3 Final day of Shanghai 5.25 008Day 3 Final day of Shanghai 5.25 006

Then we were off to the Yu Garden. This Garden was privately owned at one point in China’s history. Then it was destroyed in a war with Japan. The people liked the Garden so much that the Government took control of the garden. Then the people of China raised the money to repair the damages. It was a beautiful garden with unique trees and very unusual rock. We enjoyed our time there. The running water, shade trees and breezy weather made for a peaceful experience.

Day 3 Final day of Shanghai 5.25 013Day 3 Final day of Shanghai 5.25 011Day 3 Final day of Shanghai 5.25 015

Day 3 Final day of Shanghai 5.25 029Day 3 Final day of Shanghai 5.25 027Day 3 Final day of Shanghai 5.25 019

Then Douglas talked our guide into taking us to the east side of the river. That is where all the tall, modern financial buildings are located. He has been wanting to see the TV tower up close for the past two days. This building is amazing.

Day 3 Final day of Shanghai 5.25 046

The next thing I knew, Doug had convinced her to take us to the Shanghai World Financial Observatory. The building is 474 meters or 1555 ft above ground. It is the highest observatory in the WORLD! You can walk on the transparent glass-floor walk way. Do you see where this is going? YES, we spent over 20 minutes getting to the highest point. Needless to day, Douglas was thrilled and in his element. I, on the other hand, was holding on to anything that was NOT glass and clear. I will admit it was an unbelievable structure….that I wanted to read about in a BOOK! My mind knew I was safe but my body felt sick! I could not look down and I promise the building was swaying back and forth.

Day 3 Final day of Shanghai 5.25 052Day 3 Final day of Shanghai 5.25 058Day 3 Final day of Shanghai 5.25 043Day 3 Final day of Shanghai 5.25 063 (2)Day 3 Final day of Shanghai 5.25 042

It was time to say goodbye to our guide. Her American name was Leena. She was very educated and had a great “book” knowledge of the US. We really enjoyed discussing how the US and China differ in politics, religion and culture. She did a great job making sure we enjoyed our time in Shanghai. She is not able to take us to the airport in the morning because she lives in the rural part of the city. She is not able to get here early enough to make our flight. (Don’t worry, Mom, they are sending another guide to make sure we make the flight!)

Day 3 Final day of Shanghai 5.25 074

Here are two other pictures from our day:

Day 3 Final day of Shanghai 5.25 034Papa Johns? Who knew?

Day 3 Final day of Shanghai 5.25 038McDonald’s delivery anyone?

This is our final post before we become a family of 8! We are so excited to finally meet this precious child of God! If you are reading this post, will you take just a few minutes to pray for Levi? The next 24 hours+ will be very hard for him. I know that the loss and grief he will feel is difficult. We believe that the love a family will help heal that loss. Our God made this sweet boy and we trust Him to help us every step!

We fly to Nanchang in the morning and then have been told that we will meet/get Levi in the afternoon. We do NOT have a specific time yet. So, keep checking back and I will post again as soon as I am able. Thank you for all the sweet comments and emails. We are encouraged by your love and support!


“What did you do when you first held me? Asked Barkley.

As hard as he tried to remember, he just couldn’t.

He was a pretty little Barley then.

“Oh, Barley,”

“I fell deeply in love with you. I looked into your face and right then

you became my wish come true!”

-I Wished for You by Marianne Richmond




4 responses

25 05 2013

Praying for this time for all of you. The excitement & transition. I am touched by your love.

25 05 2013
Chris Bisbee

Ok, the last post about Doug convincing the guide to take a detour had all of us cracking up!! The pictures and posts are wonderful, Joy! We are so excited for you guys. Please remember that God has specially prepared you both for Levi and all of his needs. Rely on that training and pay close attention to your individual as well as combined strengths. We are overflowing with good wishes for all of you. Can not wait to read the next post! Love you!

25 05 2013
Aldyn Keefer

A family of 8!! How awesome! Trusting that God has prepared Levi’s heart just as he has yours. Will be praying for you. Praying that God will give you a wonderful day together. Can’t wait to see pictures of your sweet boy!!!

26 05 2013
Kristie Huber

Look like you guys are having lot’s of fun!!!! Know that we are praying for each of you. Can’t wait to see Levi with YOU!!!!

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