Day 2- Touring Shanghai

24 05 2013

Can you believe it? We slept the entire night! We must have been exhausted. In the past, our normal wake up time is about 3am. However, today we did not even move until 6am. We spent the first half hour seeing our children on Skype. They all tried to make their way to the camera and ALL wanted a front row seat. Our Hannah Li was so happy and her smile beamed from ear to ear… long as she was front and center of the camera! We headed to breakfast in the hotel. We ate eggs and toast. It was good and plenty to sustain us. I tried the steamed tomatoes too.(Not thinking I will go there again tomorrow.)

Our guide then took us to the Shanghai Museum. We spent two hours reading and observing the history of Chinese furniture, coins, calligraphy, jade, ceramics and clothing. It was very interesting and I honestly have NEVER seen that many coins in one location. The security was tight and they obviously treasure all the artifacts! After the museum, we went to the French Concession area of Shanghai. It was very modern and almost felt like home with a Starbuck’s and shopping on every corner. This area is home to the Memorial site of the First National Congress of the Communist Party of Chin@. We were able to walk through the memorial and our guide was very helpful in helping us understand the “politics” of this area.

It was lunch time and our guide dropped us off…literally…at a local fast food restaurant named Yoshinoya. It was an experience. I had veggies and rice and Doug….had….chicken, beef and rice. It looked disgusting!!

Day 2 Shanghai 5.24 039

Day 2 Shanghai 5.24 054

The Tianhou-Silk market was next. This was a set up from the very beginning. It was a demonstration on the life cycle of the silk worm. The we were led to slaughter….I mean led into a room with beautiful silk pillows, comforters, blankets, shams. They were breath taking and so there we stood just Doug and I with at least 7 people waiting to help us spend money. It was uncomfortable. We loved it all but were not prepared to try and bring home a new bedding set. HAHA!! If you know us, you would know that we are always pushing the weight limits on our suitcases. So, this was just not a good choice. We did manage to get out of there alive and only buying two pillows. YES, they are shrink wrapped. It honestly was amazing.

Our guide then told us the day was over. It was 1:00pm. She could tell we were disappointed and so she offered to let us go to the ERA Intersection of time/ Shanghai Circus/ Acrobat show. We accepted her offer and went to have a small rest before our 6:30pm departure.

The show was a lot like Traces in the USA but add seven motorcycles in a steel caged ball…all at the same time. It was incredible. We were not allowed to take pictures. Sorry!

Day 2 Shanghai 5.24 044

Our guide lead us back to the hotel and then we just went out exploring the VERY active night life of Shanghai. As you can tell from the pictures…it was a taste of home. We found Nike and Apple store for Mac! We wished you were here with us to see that! Then we even found our first McDonalds. We really thought of you then son! Emma Grace, Can you find Mini-Grace in the pictures?

It was a very busy day. Only one more full day before we fly to Nanchang. Love to all! ( Can you tell I am the photographer? Not one picture of me today…will try to do better tomorrow!)


“We are settling for a Christianity that revolves around catering to ourselves when the central

message of Christianity is actually about abandoning ourselves.”

David Platt, Radical: Taking Back Your Faith from the American Dream




2 responses

24 05 2013
Kody C Krady

Ha! YOSHINOYA! That’s from my birth country! I could use a beef bowl right now!

24 05 2013
Aldyn Keefer

Sounds like a fun day for you and Doug! Glad you got to learn more about China! You are SO close to Levi!! It is going to be so wonderful!! You are in our thoughts each day! Love and miss you!

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