Reflections of China

16 08 2011

It is surreal that our “long-awaited” journey to China is over. We have been pushing paperwork since December 2010. At every stage of the paperwork, we prayed that we would not have to be delayed even one day. Our hopes, dreams and prayers regarding our new daughter and the journey to make her part of our family have been answered. I wish that I could clearly articulate the unforgettable feeling of the moment that you first see a child that you do not know but is clearly yours. If I could only explain how our hearts and priorities have been forever altered. Over and over, we are told that we are making such a difference in her life and that we are “good people” to adopt but the biggest change is inside of us! We are changed! How? We are daily emptying ourselves of our selfish ambitions and all the earthy treasures that are so easily our focus. We have gained a perspective on what is important in our lives. God has clearly shown us that His plan for our family involves less of us and more of Him. It’s not easy! We are constantly challenged and fail. But God is full of mercy and love! He knew that we were not able to do this alone…and we are not doing it alone. God is here, in this home, 24/7! Many times I read adoption stories and they sound like fairy tales! The picture that is painted is so colorful and PERFECT! But I want to be real…it is not always that way. We have good days and then we have other days too! The best news is that we are together, as a family. We have each other and a loving God that always has our best interest in mind. He is always here to pick up the pieces when Dad and I are failing. Our family is still adjusting the “new” normal and enjoying every moment possible with our five blessings.

Our Melody has one of the sweetest personalities we have ever known. She is eager to please but is still broken-hearted at times. She has easily formed attachments with our family. Her jolly laugh is contagious! However, she still struggles to communicate with us. We are not sure why she is sad sometimes. It breaks our hearts that we are not able to instantly fix it! She is such a brave little girl to endure all the changes over the past month. She has come so far in such a small amount of time. Melody and the princess are quickly becoming the best of friends. They have the typical issues that two-year-olds would have while sharing the same space. However, they are two peas in a pod. They follow each other around and protect each other fiercely! Our hearts are full of thanksgiving as we watch these precious children of God become sisters but more importantly friends. Melody still needs your prayers as she continues to find peace within our family and gain the confidence she needs. We are praying that God will fill the empty places inside her heart with the peace that only He can provide.

Our journey to China for Melody is over but our admiration and respect for the Chinese people will last forever. We will always wish that we could blink our eyes and be back in the Chinese culture. While it differs greatly for our freedoms in the USA, we feel a connection and burden for these people and their country. Two of our daughters were born there and they trusted us to raise them. We are humbled and full of thankfulness. We will never cease to pray that God would somehow allow the Chinese people more access to the knowledge of His salvation plan.

Finally, to a woman who I will never have the privilege of meeting, Melody’s first mother. I say thank you! I do not know the circumstances behind your story but I am thankful for you.  You gave your daughter the gift of life and someone placed her in a safe place to be found. I wish I could let you know that she is safe and will always be loved! Melody has the most beautiful smile and I wonder if she shares your smile. As we walked around Hohhot, many times, I was overwhelmed with emotion just thinking about you. I will always wonder and I will never forget! You will never be far from my mind on birthdays, holidays and Mother’s day! You have given me a daughter that I will treasure…forever!

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16 08 2011
Nora Turk

Love these pictures – – – just adorable!! What you have written, too, is so inspiring and speaks so well of our Lord’s command to seek more of Him and less of our own selfish desires. You have been and will continue to be a witness to many! Thank you for sharing!

17 08 2011

The pictures are precious and I love love the black!!! Thanks for being honest. It helps those of us who are following in your footsteps.

19 08 2011

Hi – we sponsored Melody and were so happy to hear she was adopted and that your family has a blog! We’d love to hear from you – our daughters keep asking about Melody. Many blessings, Wendy

14 09 2011

Dear family,

Today I found your website (saw the in on newday blog). It is so good to see that melody is doing great. march 10 2009 we became parents (adoption day) of a beautiful little chinese girl. When we came home, we did not ask for presents but for family and friends to donate a small amount of money so that we could help an other child in china. We saw melody on the the new day site and they were looking for sponsors. The moment we saw her birthdate we knew we wanted to sponsor her. She was born on a very special day for us, we were so close to her that day. We promised that we would sponsor her to the day she was adopted. Every month I was looking forward to her updates and to see her sweet face. Our two children (both girls from china) sort of looked at her as their little sister in the computer 🙂
I am happy that Melody finally has a forever family. I think she is a very sweet little girl.

Greetings, from Eugene and Lotte, Yu and Su from the Netherlands

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