Home Sweet HOME!!

29 07 2011

At 12:15 am on July 29 we landed at Charlotte Douglas Airport! We were so excited about seeing our family. Dad and I had missed Bolt and Princess tremendously. Bolt and Grace were running from the gate to find their Nana, sister and brother. As we started down the stairs, we were overwhelmed by all the friends that had come to the airport at such an early time of the morning!!! It was just amazing to see all our sweet friends and family there to support us! Honestly, it was like so many of the people we love all in the same room! I wished it was at my house so I could sit and talk with everyone. Melody did so great when she saw all the new faces. It was such a miracle to witness the exchanges between the Princess and Melody. The Princess was so excited to finally meet Melody. She just rubbed her arm and hugged her. It was priceless and emotional. I was so thankful to hug my almost 14-year-old, the Princess and my wonderful mom!

Many, Many thanks to all those who sacrificed sleep to make us feel loved! We are forever grateful and will always remember our moments together. Our family is still talking about all the balloons, posters and wonderful words exchanged with each of you.

To my Mom: I am not sure that people remember that YOU are the reason that we could fly to China and leave our children behind twice in a two-year period. If you had not willingly agreed to take care of them, this would not have been possible. God planted the desire in our hearts and you allowed Him to use you to fulfill His purpose in our family! Thank you, Mom! We love you so much and will always remind Melody and the Princess of the love and sacrifice you have made to help bring them home!

We are so happy to be home!  This will now become our family blog so please feel free to check back and see the adventures in our home. Welcome Home, Melody! We are blessed to call you our own!

“There is no place like home”-Dorthy


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8 responses

30 07 2011

Awww…just so very precious! So glad that you are home safe and sound!! I love these pictures and the family picture is absolutely wonderful!!!! Now let the fun begin!!

30 07 2011

It was such an exciting moment as Bolt, Princess and a few dozen others watched you come down the escalator at the airport…we felt like we alredy knew Melody, but being able to actually “hug” her was a thrill. Although I tried NOT to cry, my heart overflowed with the love and friends who gathered to welcome you home. I appreciate so much the prayers and encouragement of so many who love your family and who will be with you on the path of life. I am thankful for the role the Lord has given me to fulfill in His plan for the lives of both Princess and Melody. Love, Nana

30 07 2011

i am not a “mushy” person, really, I’m not! but the post and the visual of the scene at the airport and those sweet pics of you holding both little girls ….. *happy tears* … for the overwhelming joy in my heart! ♥

31 07 2011

Love seeing your family all together, especially Princess and Melody holding hands- so sweet!!

31 07 2011

Soooooo glad to have you home!!!! Can’t wait for the jet lag to pass and our lives to get back to the “norm”. So happy that your girl is finally here. Congratulations!!!! Your family pictures is beautiful!!!

1 08 2011
Melanie Howard

I agree with Blessy, many Happy Tears over here! Beautiful photos, beautiful words expressing such beautiful emotions! Rest, enjoy your sweet family! We can’t wait to meet the newest addition! Thanks for sharing this wonderful journey with us! Many blessings!

3 08 2011

So sorry I never dropped by as much… things have been a tad busy… I am so incredibly happy for you all… welcome home… I see that kitchen… Shauna has the same one 🙂 Hugs dear friend…

10 08 2011

So precious! Just love Melody’s curls!

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