Day Fourteen- Liu Hua Lake Park-White Swan Playroom

27 07 2011

1 Samuel 1:27

  “I prayed for this
child, and the LORD has granted me what I asked of him.”

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Liu Hua Lake Park was so full of activity as you can see from the pictures! We were so impressed by the relaxed atmosphere of the Chinese people. The park was packed with people playing games, doing Tai Chi, talking, dancing laughing, eating etc. It was unbelievable that people were able to be there enjoying themselves on a Wednesday morning. As Americans, we kept thinking that everyone should be at work. The Chinese people do seem to eat healthy, exercise regularly and spend time relaxing.  Yet we know for certain they are also very hard workers too. Our children were able to ride in a boat around the lake and play on lots of playground equipment. The equipment may have been for younger children but my kids were thrilled to be able to get outside and play. Melody really enjoyed herself this time. We have been on different playgrounds three times now and she has made so much improvement in her ability to climb and willingness to try new things. We are very proud of her.

We spent some of the afternoon in the White Swan playroom today. It was nice and cool! After being outside all morning it was nice to sit and let the children play in the air condition.  Melody and Grace “built” a house and played so nicely together. They both laughed and were so very happy to be together. It made this Mommy’s heart sing! Our new friends were their with Liam. Our Colt has grown very close to this precious little guy. It was very hard for us to say goodbye to this wonderful family. We pray that we can keep in touch and that our paths will cross again someday soon.

We are leaving the hotel in the morning at 5:30 am! YUCK! We will fly to Beijing on an 8:15 am flight from Guangzhou. Then we board United Flight 850 to Chicago at 4:10pm. (long lay-over) Finally we will board our final flight on United 3728 in Chicago (another long lay-over) and land in Charlotte,NC at 11:59pm! YES, friends we will be traveling for 30 hours! We are so happy to be coming home to those who know us and love us! We have missed each one you! Mostly, we are honored and thrilled to introduce you to our sweet Melody! She’s been so brave through all the transitions. Her new life is just beginning! This is the end our journey to and from China but it’s just the beginning our life together as a family. Please continue to pray for her. She will need your prayers over the next days and weeks. We are forever thankful for your prayers!

I will post more of my thoughts about our trip to China when I get home. It’s getting late and I need to try to get a few hours of sleep. It’s with so many mixed emotions that I say one final goodbye to you from China! Thank you, China…for my Princess and Melody…they are treasures that I am so glad that God found for us! Only God could have brought this ordinary family across the world two times! Our God is faithful and amazing! We praise His name alone!






2 responses

27 07 2011

Yay! On your way home! It has been wonderful to follow your amazing journey! Can’t wait to meet your sweet girl soon! What a beautiful family God has made! To Him be the glory!
Lots of love and hugs!

27 07 2011

There comes a time in the trip when you are so ready to come home. As much as you love China and are so thankful you are still ready to come home. It sounds like you are there.
I am so glad you all have enjoyed your trip so much. It looks like Doug really enjoyed the playground equipment also!
Can’t wait to see you all, even if it is at midnight!
Safe travels!

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