Day Thirteen-Consulate Appointment-Red Couch Photos

26 07 2011

A Picture worth a thousand words:

I didn’t give you the gift of life,

But in my heart I know.

The love I feel is deep and real,

As if it had been so.

For us to have each other

Is like a dream come true!

No, I didn’t give you

The gift of life,

God gave me the gift of you.

~Author Unknown

“I promise that the paperwork and documents that I have submitted are correct, to the best of my ability!” That is the oath that we took today. We visited the American Consulate today. We submitted all of our paperwork and took the oath. God willing, we will get Melody’s Passport and our famous brown envelope tomorrow afternoon. These are the final steps with our paperwork in China! Yeah!

Then we came back to the hotel to take pictures on the red couch. There were so many families trying to use the couches. We were rushed. Our girl was wearing her traditional Mongolian Dress and hat! We think she looks so beautiful with her fancy dress on!

We had a very relaxing afternoon. We ate a late lunch at Subway! YES, there is a Subway here on the Island. Then later in the day, we had a Starbucks treat! We just walked around the island enjoying our last days here. It was actually one of the best days. We all enjoyed ourselves, had many good laughs and did some more shopping!

Melody was happy today! She woke up with a smile on her face for the first time. She is getting so much better communicating her needs to us. She will tell us when she is hungry and thirsty. We just need to work on understanding when she needs to potty. She has not had many accidents at all! She is doing great but she doesn’t tell us and hours will go by! Melody also loves to dress up and feel pretty. She was so thrilled to put on her new dress and hat. She just beamed with excitement over herself in the mirror. She also loves shoes! She actually finds a new pair that she likes in each store we visit. Our girl is “girly” and that makes this Mama so very happy!

Tomorrow is our last full day here is Guangzhou! Our time here as seemed to pass so quickly. I will post all the flight information for our arrival in Charlotte, NC in my next post. Just a note of caution: Our arrival time is VERY late at night! We totally understand that most of you will be sleeping! Please feel free to call and stop by the house anytime and meet our newest treasure! She is shy and reserved but oh so sweet and pretty! We are totally in love with her!

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7 responses

26 07 2011

Congratulations to the new little American!! I guess her feet need to touch American soil first, but that will happen very soon. She looked so beautiful today in her “Consulate” clothes and in her traditional outfit. I love the hat!! So glad that you have these amazing clothes from her Province. Only one day left so keep shopping! I hope you have room for all those treasures. Counting down the days…….. Love you guys.

26 07 2011

Love the photos from today! The ones in front of the waterfall are my favorite. They bring back such good memories for me and I wish I could beam myself there. Soak it all in these last few days.

Looking forward to seeing all the Hubers together soon.

Love ya’ll!

26 07 2011
Jeanette R.

Oh my goodness, I love the pictures of her in her hat! What a treasure! So glad your paperwork is done, the oath is taken and it’s almost time to come home! Glad you are having a great time in GZ and that she’s feeling more comfortable with you everyday. you can tell from the pictures she looks so much more relaxed and at ease. Praying for your trip home and can’t wait to see you all!!!

26 07 2011

Your little one looks so precious in her consulate dress and beautiful in traditional Mongolian dress. I still cannot get over that hair!

I cannot wait to see you at the airport Thursday night! No matter what. You’ve been there three times for me and I cannot wait to finally welcome YOU home!

Praying for your final time in China and your flights home See you soon!

26 07 2011
comyns family

Loved the pictures you posted today….bring back so many wonderful memories for us with our 2 precious girls. Melody looks so happy and sweet! Blessings to you all as you travel back home….Love to you all from the Comyns Family

26 07 2011
K,S,& D

Well your time in China is drawing to a close. We have so enjoyed being able to travel with you through pictures. We almost feel as though we were there. Praying so a safe flight home and can’t wait to meet her. May not be able to be at airport because of some work issues for us both. We will see you all soon. Love to ALL and thanks again for allowing us to travel along once again, on a marvelous journey to expanding our family.
LOve K,S,& D

26 07 2011

GIRL!!!! You have a precious little gift from God! I’m so excited for you – what an awesome family Melody is being welcomed into. And seriously – in 1 of those pictures I thought she bore some resemblance to Emma! 🙂 Isn’t that just like God? What an exciting journey of faith. So thankful you guys are walking in obedience to the Lord – what JOY it brings you, Melody, and so many around you! Love you lots – wish I could be there to welcome you home!

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