Day Twelve- Reading TB Test/Shopping at Local Market

25 07 2011


We began today at the Medical Clinic to read Melody’s TB test. God answered our prayers and the nurse could not even find where the needle had injected the medicine! Nice, right? We are so thankful and relieved. Then our guide took us to two different building for shopping. I wish I could begin to explain this shopping experience. They were both six stories and the shops sold much of the same merchandise. Friends, there were shops as far as we could see in every direction. There was more jewelry than I could have dreamed existed! We looked at baby clothes, pearls, jade, DVD’s etc… Honestly, we did not buy much due to being totally overwhelmed. There were too many shops with so much to offer. I just could not make a choice. Next we were taken on a mile and half walk down an outside market and then returned on the other side of the street. I still had the same issue…could not make decisions. So, what did we buy? Only DVD’s! Can you believe it?

After our shopping adventures, we decided to go to a late lunch-early dinner at Lucy’s! We walked the island to work off all the food we ate and then off to the pool for the kids and Dad. Melody and I stayed in the room and let her get some much-needed sleep. She had a very long day and could not nap as we traveled from place to place.

We are beginning to pack our bags and get ready for the long flight home. Our guide gave us the good news that we would be leaving at 5:45am on Thursday morning! WOW! That should be fun:) But I am so excited to come home! I miss my Bolt and Princess. A huge part of me has been missing for way too long!





“Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above.”
~James 1:17




4 responses

25 07 2011

So so happy about the TB test. Can’t wait to see everyone home safe and sound. Praying you home. Please remind everyone of when that flight comes in. I think it is Thurday at midnight. Is that right?
See you then. I wouldn’t miss it for the world!
It looks like Melody is happy and opening up more and more. You can see it in her face!

25 07 2011

Praise God for the negative TB test and YAY!!! for shopping. Hope you are finding good things and filling your suitcases full. I can’t wait to see what you bring home. (: Only a few more days till you are back in the good ‘ol USA. Enjoy your time. Love ya.

26 07 2011

Read this post again this morning as I am waiting for the next post. All I can say is the heat must be getting to you if all you bought are DVD’s!!!!

Time to come home friend!

26 07 2011

I get so overwhelmed shopping in China, too. Between the amount of “stuff” and the shopkeepers “hovering” it drives me crazy, and I can never make a decision. Then I get home and think of all the “shoulda’s.”

2 more days….

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