Day Eleven- Safari Park/Swimming

24 07 2011

Day Eleven? Could it possibly be true! Our trip is coming to an end. It’s so very bittersweet! We cannot wait to see all our family and friends. It will be the very best to sleep in our own beds. However, we love visiting China! This is an amazing country. It will always hold an extra special place in our hearts. This country allowed us to adopt two of our five treasures and for that we will forever be thankful.

The Safari park was lots of fun today. The pictures will tell the story of our day. The only part that you might miss in pictures if the HEAT! It was unbelievable. I was on FIRE! I think that our family drunk about 10 water bottles. We still managed to enjoy seeing the animals and Melody even got to enjoy the rides. Colt and Grace were able to ride a few but they were too tall for most of them.  Colt had two girls that followed him throughout the park for about an hour. Finally we just stopped and took their pictures. Like their shirts?

After the park, we came back to the hotel and let Melody take a short nap. The heat had taken away all our energy and we just wanted to chill for a while. We went to the Cow and The Bridge for dinner. It was one of our best meals yet. Then it was off to the pool for Dad and the big kids! They wanted to swim at night in the pool so they stayed until about 9:25pm. Guess what Melody and I did? You got it right…we went shopping. We only bought a few things and then headed back for bath and bedtime.

Melody had another great day. She was happy and engaging. She is beginning to call us by our names and let us know when she needs something. She has the most beautiful smile and laugh. It is most certainly contagious! Keep her in your prayers…we feel like she’s making so much progress.

I am extra tired tonight. I know this post is lame! So sorry. Thanks for all your encouraging comments and emails. We love each one you and are thankful that you are sharing in our journey.


Psalm 126:3

Yes, the LORD has done amazing things for us! What joy!


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7 responses

24 07 2011

Love, love, love the pictures today!!!! The one of Little Miss sleeping on EG is precious! You can definitley see how hot it was just looking at everyone’s faces…’s wicked hot here too! Hooray for the pool!!!

Can’t wait to see you later this week… all have been missed very much!

Sweet dreams my friend….

24 07 2011
Tom and Kathy


The pictures are great! I miss you all and can’t wait till all get home. We just contimue to pray for you and Melody, that every day we just be better than the last! Her smile is contagious and I can’t wait to hear the laughter that goes with it. Big hug to all the kids!

Love you-

24 07 2011

Great pictures of your day – love sharing them Sarah Mei & Mac. It’s HOT here too, but apparently not like you described on skype this morning (or last night it was for you). And, we have the blessing of AC – anytime we want/need it which you couldn’t have at Safari Park. Your Bruegger’s team sends their best, but know Mac is enjoying your fresh drink over particularly cold ice:) in your place. We miss you BUNCHES and can hardly wait for Hugz and Kisses! Hannah Li – you are beautiful and your forever family waits eagerly to be with you – soon! “And the Lord remembered Hannah…and was gracious to her.” (from 1 Samuel 2) Love, Nana

24 07 2011

Ahhhh, you brought back fond memories of sweating our way through the Safari Park last summer. 🙂 I can see from the photos each day, that little one is opening up more and more. I can also see that she LOVES her big sissy. 🙂 We had that with Kate, too. 🙂 Sending hugs your way, friend, and I cannot wait to see you later this week!

24 07 2011

You are going to be so skinny when you get home after all that sweating! Sorry to tell you it is really hot here too….

We miss you bunches. Alyse asks everyday if you are still in China.

I got your email. We are good! I will email you back soon.

Love you all!

24 07 2011

We have really enjoyed reading your updates and seeing all the pictures. It is neat to show my kids the pictures of y’all over there. It makes that idea of going to China someday seem more real to them! She is adorable and her smiles are just precious! Enjoy your last few days! I can’t wait to see the pictures of when you get home and everyone gets to meet her! I will keep you in my prayers!

25 07 2011
Jenny Bruce

I’ve so enjoyed reading and following along on your amazing journey! Can’t wait to meet this precious little girl! She couldn’t be joining a sweeter family;) Praying for you all as you come to the end of this trip! Blessings!

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