Day Ten-Physical Examination/Shopping/Swimming

23 07 2011

This morning we must have been exhausted! We did not even open our eyes until 8:00am. We rushed down to eat breakfast and then met our tour guide and one other family to begin the day. We first stopped by a small shop to get more pictures of Hannah Li. We have now taken four sets of passport photo during this process. Then it was on to the medical clinic for her physical examination. The clinic has a reputation of being crowded and not very time sensitive. Well, today they did not disappoint! We were there for about two hours. Here is what they did to our girl: Listened to her heart, weight, height, doctor exam(I use that term exam very lightly), ENT check(Squeezed a squeaky toy and looked in her ears) and then they forced us to do yet another TB test. We were very disappointed they would not accept the test already given on July 4, 2011. We are fearful that testing her again so quickly may lend itself to a false positive. Then they will force us to pay for a chest x-ray to verify that she does not have TB. *****Insert prayer request here:)****** Melody did great! She did not even cry when they gave her the TB skin test. She just clearly told them in Chinese, “That’s enough!” She’s a funny one!

Then we divided and Dad took the big kids and headed for the swimming pool. They LOVED it! It is outside and has a waterfall. We do not have any pictures because you are not allowed to take pictures. I am not sure why but we were compliant! Melody and I set out for our first shopping adventure. We did more walking and looking than anything. Our hotel is on Shamian Island. It has changed so much since January 2010. Many of the local shops were closed at that time due to renovations for the summer games. The renovations are amazing. The island looks wonderful. The shopping has tripled at least. I love the setting and atmosphere here on the island. There is such happiness and joy here. You see many adoptive families, lots of local people, many brides taking bridal portraits, view of Pearl River and Starbucks! Yes, friends…I said Starbucks! Life is good here. (The shopping is just icing on the cake!)

We ate dinner at Lucy’s with our new friends that we met in Hohhot. They are such a wonderful family. We are really enjoying our time with them. Lucy’s has many American dishes and we all chose something that would remind us of home. Needless to say no one is going to bed hungry tonight. We stopped by the local park and let the kids get out some energy. The weather here in Guangzhou is HOT and HUMID! If you know me, you know that I am always cold. Summer, Winter, Fall and Spring…I am cold. But not today….sweating, sweating, sweating! It’s unlike any climate that I have experienced. Dad says it’s just like living in south Florida!

Melody had the very best day yet. We are so happy to see her slowly opening her heart to her new family. We are patient and we will wait for her to be ready to love each of us. She’s amazing and I am blessed to call her mine.

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3 responses

23 07 2011

Oh Joy! Her smile is so infectious!! I also took note of the “Chinese Nurse” picture…I appreciated the fancy nurse’s cap! Shout out to 1965!!! Great pictures for day 10… looks like Little Miss is coming into her own. I’m glad things are getting better every day.

Btw…I think you are good with the second TB test so close to her last one….it’s not a large amount per dose so she should be fine…. 🙂

Love and miss you.

23 07 2011

What a fantastic day you have had (after the medical exam). We will pray about the TB test and I know the stress. We have been there and it is no fun!
It sounds like the big kids are having a great time at the pool and Melody is a shopping girl! Enjoy Shamian Island. It is a magical place.

You are getting closer to home!

Love and miss you!

23 07 2011

Hip hip hooray for Guangzhou!!!! I hope I am there very soon. But, it sure looks hot and humid. So glad you are having some shopping fun. I sure wish I was there to shop with you. I can’t imagine what it is like to not have to step over broken pavement and people working. The big kids look like they are having a great time. Shop, shop, shop and have a wonderful next few days. The countdown to home is on. We are praying that the TB test is fine. God is in control so things should be good. Love you so much and miss you tons!!!!

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