Day Nine- Inner Mongolian Museum and Travel to Guangzhou

22 07 2011

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Today was our last day in Hohhot! We were able to visit the Inner Mongolian Museum. It was very interesting and full of information on the history of Inner Mongolia. Melody loved the dinosaur exhibit. She just loved to watch the dinosaurs move and make loud noises. Are you surprised? We were too but she was fascinated with them. Colt really enjoyed the history section. They had all the weapons used in past wars and he thought that was cool. My Grace was in love with two different exhibits. She loved seeing how the clothing of Inner Mongolia had changed over the years. Of course, she was not too fond of the earlier days when they used animal skins but did enjoy the more modern dresses with the many colors and lovely hats!

We said goodbye to our guide. His name was “Butter” in Mongolia. Jack in English. We asked which he prefered and he said, “Butter”. So, we called him that. He was a very kind-hearted man. We struggled to get him to understand what we needed and he seemed rushed most of the time. He was trying his best but his English just was not quite good enough to really provide the services needed in a guide. We are very thankful for his efforts during our stay in Hohhot.

Our plane did not take off until 7:15 pm. We boarded the plane without any real problems. They did confiscate one of Dad’s favorite souvenirs. We had bought a knife in one of the markets. They were fine with the others but just not the one that Dad bought for himself. We are not sure why but we did not argue. We just smiled and moved to our gate! The plane was packed with people so we had to split up. Dad and Grace sat about five rows in front of Melody, Colt and me. The flight was about three hours long. Our sweet Melody slept the entire flight until the last 15 minutes. She is a great traveler! I, personally, was praying for mercy the entire flight due to strong turbulence. I am not exaggerating. They had to stop serving drinks twice due to the turbulance. I was NOT a happy mommy!

We met our new guide named Aron! She is amazing already. She organized and very knowledgable! I am impressed already. We check in the hotel at midnight and all just fell in the bed. Melody had a good day! We were very busy and on the go ALL day. God is at work in her and we can really feel your prayers! Thank you so much! Please keep those prayers coming! We have her medical appointment tomorrow!(Saturday) That is never a really fun day:(

Jeremiah 32:17

“Ah, Sovereign LORD, you have made the heavens and the earth
by your great power and outstretched arm. Nothing is too hard for you.”




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22 07 2011

Totally cool museum pictures!!! Looks very interesting. Glad you made it to Guangzhou safely. Praying that the medical appt goes well and you can enjoy your time on the island. Hope little miss is doing well and relaxing with her new family. Have a great weekend! Love and miss you!!

22 07 2011

Hooray for a good day!!! I feel like I’m right along with you…..great pics of the museum! The pics of her sleeping are just priceless! She really is an angel….can’t hardly wait to meet her!

Sorry to hear about the plane ride….I feel your pain!

Miss you.

23 07 2011

Sarah Mei is ready to play with Hannah Li – she has one Minnie Mouse for Hannah Lei and one for Sarah Mei…One Daisey Duck for Sarah Mei and One Donald Duck for Hannah Lei. And, of course, we’re saving every seat right beside Sarah Mei for Hannah Li..”Hannah Li sit right here.” We are thrilled to see your journey day by day knowing you are one step closer to home. The pictures are great – Mac and I enjoy talking about them. Will see you on skype soon….Hugz and Kisses! Mom

23 07 2011

ONe step closer to HOME! And what wonderful news that your new little one is such a good traveler! That certainly bodes well for the looooong trip home. Am hoping that all went well at the medical earlier today. One more step to check off your list. Soon you will be home as a family of SEVEN!!!!!!!

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