Day Four- Traveling to Hohhot

17 07 2011

Our sweet girl slept all night! Praise the Lord! She likes her sleep. Melody has finally turned the corner and has been smiles and giggles today. This post will be very short. We traveled most of the day. The hotel in Hohhot is the Sheraton and it is amazing. The bed is so plush and looks so comfortable! Can you tell I am tired? I have been sleeping each night but just not very long. After arriving in the hotel, we did some paperwork and took our family photo.

Tonight everyone is just chillin’ in the room, playing and laughing at this amazing little treasure. She is full of life! She is very shy and reserved around strangers but when she is comfortable…watch out! We are in love with her! Here are just a few things that we have learned over the past 28 hours:






Jie Jie                                                                                                 

Ge Ge


Being held





Drinking Water

Drinking Milk

Being told, “No”

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17 07 2011

Yes, praise God! Joy, she is beautiful. It is so nice to see her big smiles. I know that made your heart rejoice … we are off to Church this morning, will definitely continue to keep the family in our prayers and will sing extra loud during worship for the great things God is doing for and through you! Love you, my friend.

17 07 2011

Ok….seriously…..She is breathtakingly beautiful!!! The pic of her leaning on the bed like she was deep in thought is priceless! What an angel!

I can’t tell you how excited I am to check your blog everyday! The kids look like they are having the time of their lives. What a blessing to be able to share this experience with them!

Get some sleep my friend….that big, fluffy bed is waiting for you! We miss you guys!

17 07 2011

Oh. my. word. Look at those curls!!!! She is absolutely stunning! And what a treat to see her beautful smile!

17 07 2011

I love her crinkled up nose smile!!! I just love to see her smile and be happy. God is answering prayers! Enjoy Hohot.

Sleep well!

17 07 2011
mac huber

i love her

17 07 2011

We’re following your posts avidly as we arrange our own trip to NDFH next week (your fellow RQ NDFH’er here). So glad that you’re now in province and your forever day is here. Your daughter is just lovely and you are bonding so clearly even through her grieving. Many, many congratulations to you!

Cried through all of your posts, especially knowing we’ll be walking a similar path very soon.

17 07 2011
K,S,& D

We love her too, Mac, and we don’t even know her yet!!! She is precious. We can’t wait for her to get to know all of her forever family. Enjoy your time together on this amazing trip. See you all when you get home. 🙂

17 07 2011
Brian & Dede

Sounds like your trip is going very well. Melody is a beautiful girl. God has really blessed you. We miss you here…Dede especially misses her running buddy! Have a GREAT trip and be careful.

Brian and Dede

17 07 2011

Oh my, that smile just melts me! So happy to see you are all doing so fabulous!

17 07 2011

Love to see those smiles! We understand the grieving but remember what time can do. You have a princess at home that will help you remember! Have a good time! Love you and miss you!

17 07 2011
Paula Ladnier

I love her curly hair!

17 07 2011

It is all so very emotional…as I spend this time with Princess, I again realize that Melody will change our lives forever. Bolt and I have spent hours talking about Princess and Melody – what a blessing to hear this wonderful 13-year old talk about his sisters – and to watch him care for Princess and to realize that he is not only taking “care” of her – he truly ‘cares’ for her and loves her unconditionally – WOW! Okay, enough tears for one day – we are so blessed, so excited and can hardly wait to hold the newest member of the Huber family!

17 07 2011

Wow, Mac’s comment made me cry…. so precious. What a beautiful beautiful princess…… to go along with the one you have at home (and the first princess, of course). She is just amazing when she smiles and I agree with the others who have commented on her hair. I love it! So glad that your day was better and she is feeling more comfortable. God is answering prayers every day. We miss you guys but are glad that you are enjoying your time there. Can’t wait to see the pictures every day. Thanks for the updates. I know how hard it is to write when you are ready to drop into bed at night. (:

17 07 2011

Rejoicing with you and the steps in the right direction. I’m sure your heart is overflowing with love for your precious miracle. Enjoy every special moment!

17 07 2011
Grandma Huber and Mr. Joe

Welcome to Melody, you have a new family praying for you everyday and waiting for you to come home to The USA and Indian Trail, NC. I love the pictures that Mommy and Daddy are posting. I have spent most of this afternoon enjoying, saving and printing them. I want to remember each moment of this journey and hope you will remember too! I’m sending you hugs,kisses and lots of love. Grandma Huber and Mr. Joe

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