Day Three- Great Wall and Forever Melody Day

16 07 2011

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What an amazing and heartbreaking day! I need to be brief because our girl is grieving hard. We began our day with a tour and shopping at a local Jade Factory! I know that my mom is happy to read that right now! I did get to buy just a few amazing pieces of jewelry. I would have bought so much more if we did not need to live on a budget. Then we got to hike the Great Wall. We had a great time. The kids did their fair share of complaining about heat and the uneven stairs. When we reached the third tower and they were able to look down, they were totally amazed. We also got to take a few minutes to place a lock on the Great Wall and throw over the keys. This is a Chinese tradition that we wanted to do in honor of our sweet girl! Our guide took us to a local Chinese restaurant. It will suffice to say that we took out snacks from our bags to complete our meal.

We arrived back at our hotel at 3:00 and Melody was due to arrive at 4! When our guide called to say that they were almost here, we ran down to the lobby! Unfortunately they beat us to the lobby. She was already sitting there. She was already in shut down mode when she got here. She is just the most precious treasure! We have had moments of contentment and moments of extreme grieving. I tried to prepare Grace for what might happen but she has sobbed each time her new sister started to cry. Honestly, it has been heartbreaking. I know that she will be fine! She has let me feed her and rock her. We are making progress. I wish I could post more but my sweet girl needs me. I feel sure you all understand. Glory and honor to our Lord for this marvelous day!!!

I will leave you with my song for all my children…they hear it often…I sang it to Melody tonight.

You are mine, I will never leave you

I will see you through the night and be here in the morning

Close your eyes and have a good time dreaming

Knowing you will never be alone because you are mine

Everyday I see you grow

And as you do I hope you’ll know

That time brings change and that’s okay

Because one thing will remain

You are mine, I will never leave you

I will see you through the night and be here in the morning

Close your eyes and have a good time dreaming

Knowing you will never be alone because you are mine

It’s time to sleep so close your eyes

And let the starts shine from the sky

From up above God is watching you

And singing to you, he’s singin’…

You are mine, I will never leave you

I will see you through the night and be here in the morning

Close your eyes and have a good time dreaming

Knowing you will never be alone because you are mine

You are mine

By Go Fish




14 responses

16 07 2011

God is good!! Your girl is finally in your arms. Love seeing the beautiful pictures. Can’t wait to meet this precious baby. I will be praying that she feels peace soon and realizes just how loved she is. Counting the days till your back home!!! Love you all.

16 07 2011

She is so pretty. I love her hair down with her bow in it!

Congratulations to the entire Huber family!

God will give her peace. Hold her tight!


16 07 2011

I am SO happy for you all… hoping that she starts to feel better soon and I know it will be a while for her to fully stop grieving but that it gets better soon… love to you all… hugs

16 07 2011

Praying for comfort and ease for your girl safely comforted through the grace of God in your loving arms. She is in our hearts – as is your whole family.

16 07 2011

Oh Joy, I am crying as I am reading. Baby girl grieving hard, big sister’s tears… Oh, why does it all have to be so hard???? She is going to do great though, I can tell. I love the photo where she’s looking at you, though her face is so filled with pain. As you know, it’s a wonderful sign that she’s looking to you for food and comfort. It’ll come. Congratuations to the new family of SEVEN!!!!!!!!!

16 07 2011

Talk about tugging on my heart!!! Those pictures…..I teared up seeing her sweet face. I love her hair down with a big bow….so, so precious!

I wish peace for you my sweet friend. I know your strength and faith are strong. Before you know all will settle and blend into the sweet perfection that was meant to be…..your beautiful family of seven!

Love and kisses to you!

16 07 2011

What joy awaits you all beyond those tears! How often, when the Lord is taking us to a better place, do we protest, kicking and screaming all the way? I know I am guilty of that when faced with change and the unfamiliar. My heart goes out to precious “Melody”, and to your whole family as you help her through this tough transition. She is beautiful, such a gift. Your family is a precious gift to her, as well. Thank you for sharing your journey, and most of all, for your example of obedience and love. Praying for you!! Blessings!

16 07 2011
Evelyn Isham

Joy – love the photos – my heart breaks that your sweet girl is grieving, but we all know the tears will turn to smiles in no time when she realizes what a loving family she has joined. Praying for you all as you adjust, and especially for Hannah to trust you and feel peace and security in her new life. Such a joy to watch your journey. God Bless you and your family.

16 07 2011

God’s love is Amazing!!! So excited for you all!!!! Love you and were praying for you all!!!

16 07 2011

Welcome to the family little one.

Love her hair down with the bow – which I know other people have said, but it really is precious – very southern. 🙂

Lots of prayers for the little miss and also for EG. She’s so tender hearted! Also praying for you. Get some sleep and enjoy the getting to know you.

(BTW: we had visitors yesterday to see Mocha.)

16 07 2011
Chris Bisbee

Guys, we are so happy for all of you! The pics are great, the words are fantastic! Thank you for sharing this amazing journey… You are constantly in our thoughts and prayers….
Lots of love and great big hugs to each of you,
Aunt Chris, Uncle Rob, Dylan & Maria

16 07 2011
mac huber

we love and miss you all. Sarah Mei keeps saying jie jie where are you mommy daddy jacob where are you. nana is taking great care of us.

we love you

16 07 2011

Joy, we loved the pictures! I am so thrilled for you all. Looking at your pictures makes me want to do it all again! You all are in our thoughts and prayers. I know she’ll adjust wonderfully with you all . . . how could she not? You guys are great! She is a beautiful and lucky little girl. Tell Doug Rob and I said “hello”.

God Bless,
Cindy Childress

17 07 2011

Continuing to pray that God will pour out his tender mercies upon all of you, especially your sweet baby girl. Remember the grieving, as hard ad it is, is a blessing and a good thing. Thinka about the Laura Story song “Blessings”, such a sweet perspective on times like these. Praying for your mama’s heart and that He will give you supernatural strength, patience and endurance to make it through each day. Love you sweet friend!

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