Day Two – Visiting New Day and our first moments with Melody

15 07 2011

“Children are a gift from God..” ~Psalm 127:3

I am not sure where or how to begin ths post! We are overwhelmed by God’s blessing to our family. We are amazed at the level of care that our daughter has been given. There are just not enough words to adequately explain how this Foster Home is going above and beyond to care for the children! We are honored to be a part of the New Day Family. They will forever be apart of our lives!

Today was amazing in so many different ways. Our day began at about 3am. We were awake very early and downstairs for the hotel breakfast at 6 o’clock. We were all able to find something good to eat. Our guide met us at 8:20 and we began the hour-long drive to New Day. We were all so excited that the hour felt more like two! As we arrived, the older children were in the front courtyard doing daily exercise. The New Day staff had a full day of activities and meetings planned for us. We immediately changed vehicles and went to spend time with Melody and her foster-mother in their home. It was a beautiful home full of love and care. Melody was very shy and reserved. She stayed very close to her Nai Nai. Her hair was neatly in two pony tails and her face was absolutely breath-taking! She’s just adorable. We slowly began showing her the toys that we had brought for her and little by little she began to play with Colt and Grace. They blew bubbles and she would laugh out loud. Our time there was just precious. She remained very distant from both Dad and I but we could tell that she was interested in us.

After our time in her home, she and her Nai Nai came back to New Day with us. We all had lunch. Our bonding time and interaction really accelerated during lunch time. She even used her spoon to feel Colt and Grace rice. It was just wonderful to watch. We then went to play on the playground. This was the first time that she allowed me to pick her up. This mommy heart was full and running over at this point. I finally was holding the daughter that I have prayed for all these months.

The next hour was spent with one on one conversations (through a translator) with her foster-mother, preschool teacher, doctor and adoption facilitator. I really cannot even describe the value of this personal time and information. It was so emotional yet like a breath of fresh air to hear the abundant love and care that Melody has received. I am not going to share all the details because I feel like most of the information is her story to tell one day, if she chooses.

Next we were allowed to tour the entire foster home. We loved every moment. We were able to see almost all the children but they were sleeping in their beds. We learned many of their stories and how God has healed them and provided watch care over their young but fragile lives. I was overjoyed to finally see all those precious faces that I have daily checked in with on my computer. Let me be the first to tell you that they are even more adorable in person…if that is even possible! Dad and I both would love to come back to New Day and spend time with these children. It’s an amazing place.

Finally, we were able to attend Melody’s final preschool class. They  played housekeeping, read books, played with toys, puzzles. Then they had a snack and a group singing time. We so enjoyed being able to spend time with all the preschool children. They are so happy and learning so much each day. The preschool room is so bright and cheerful. As an educator, I was so impressed by the physical, social, cognitive and developmental goals they have set for each child! Did you hear that? EACH CHILD!

As we said our last goodbye to Melody, it was difficult. In just one short day, we had already begin to feel like she was ours. We did not want to see her go. However, we are thankful that she will have one final night with her foster-parents. They are our heroes! We will never allow Melody to forget them. We are committed to sending updates and pictures as she grows. Our prayers and thoughts will continually be for this amazing couple. I know that saying goodbye to Melody tomorrow will be so painful. Our family is praying that God will fill their aching heart with a peace. Melody will be loved beyond measure. We promise to take good care of her and provide all that she needs. We hope, somehow, this will provide comfort in their lives.

Most of you are probably not reading this long post. You really just want the pictures-right?  I am sorry! Honestly, I have not even begin to describe this day. There is so much more I could write. This will be enough to document this incredible experience. Thank you, New Day! We LOVE YOU! Most importantly, we give honor to God for His perfect plan! We are humbled and give Him our highest praise!

*The picture of the grey building is a local Catholic Church…beautiful!

*The picture of Melody’s crocs is for our Princess! She loves crocs just like YOU! Miss you!

*Bolt-we went to Mcd’s tonight and thought of you the entire time! Love you!

*The picture of the eggs…well enough said…that’s for Jeff!


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21 responses

15 07 2011

Oh how completely awesome to see how God has gone before you. How wonderful to know that she has been loved on so very much! She is such a beauty! Your family is just bursting with love and blessings!!! So happy that you let us share this journey with you!

15 07 2011

How beautiful, Joy! Answered prayers! What a facility. What a blessing. We will continue to pray. You are awesome! Keep it up!

15 07 2011

I couldn’t be happier for you and your family! I am sitting at work crying and remembering. Knowing your daughter was TRUELY LOVED by her caregivers is an AWESOME feeling! GOD IS GOOD!!!!

15 07 2011

Thank you for interrupting my normal ordinary day with this exceptional post of your first moments with Hannah. It has lifted my spirit and brought tears to my eyes. God is so good! She is adorable and obviously loved by two families.
I love seeing her with her new brother and sister and the pictures of you and Doug with her are just precious.

Sweet dreams until tomorrow! Praying for God’s peace for all.

15 07 2011

Tears! She is so so beautiful! Love her already.

15 07 2011

Oh you have me longing to be back at New Day…
I had the privilege of meeting ~ well seeing anyway ~ your darling daughter just about three weeks ago. I will be praying for you all as you transition into a family.
(Daniel’s mommy)

15 07 2011

SO SO excited to finally see your sweet girl in your arms!!! She is amazing!!God has answered so many prayers to bring this day about. Can’t wait till tomorrow when she will be with your forever!!!! Congratulations!!! Love and miss you.

15 07 2011
K,S,& D

We are bursting with excitement!! She is just beautiful!!! and looks great with your family. Can’t wait to meet her in person. So very glad GOD is so GOOD!
love you all, see you soon

15 07 2011

Aaaah Joy!!! I am so happy for you and Melody and your whole family!! God is SOOOOOO good! So glad that today went so well and that you had such a wonderful time at New Day. I have not stopped thinking about you!!!

Love, love, love!!!

15 07 2011

Of course we want to see the pictures, but your post was read and brought tears to my eyes! Thank you for allowing all of us to come on the journey with you through these posts. Your newest daughter is a beauty and our prayers are with you and the family, but also with the foster family that will be saying good-bye. What an incredible blessing they have been to your family, taking such good care of your little girl till you can get there. Hugs to all of you and I cannot wait to see her in person!

15 07 2011
Jeanette R.

Oh my goodness Joy, this post just makes my heart sing. What a precious day that you will treasure always. What a blessing it was so be able to spend good quality time with those who loved and watched over her these years. She is a gift from God, made for a purpose, created in His image and your story and family is a testimony of what God the Father has done for us. I am so happy and overjoyed for you and I can’t wait to meet her. Know that you will be covered in prayer tomorrow as she leaves her “home” and enters her family. Love you all so!

15 07 2011

Joy I so enjoy each and every word you write. I love hearing of your journey and your new blessing. Praying for you all!!

15 07 2011
Tom and Kathy


Wow! She is so beautiful, and what a smile! I love how she looks at her big brother, and am so glad he and EG could go with you! We continue to pray for you all. Can’t wait till you get back.
Love you, mean it!

15 07 2011

Oh Joy……she is just magnificent! No doubt a glorious example of God’s perfect plan! I find myself watching the clock and calculating China time, then checking your blog frequently in eager anticipation for updated news. We are so very excited for you all and can’t hardly wait till you bring your sweet girl home!!! We miss you!!!

15 07 2011
Kelly Pazzaglia

Wow!! God has truly blessed your family! I can’t imagine how excited you all must be for tomorrow! I will be praying for you and waiting for the pictures. Thanks for sharing your story! She is so precious!!

15 07 2011
Paula Ladnier

Precious! Can’t wait to meet her.

15 07 2011

I am absolutely SPEECHLESS and blown away reading about your day! God is so GOOD and Melody is SO beautiful. Covering you with prayers for you big day tomorrow!

15 07 2011

She is STUNNING!!!!! Looks like she loves big brother. YAY I am thrilled for another child finding their forever home!

15 07 2011

PS-thanks for the pic of the Catholic church – that is my religion so I am thrilled to see it xxxx

15 07 2011

So excited for you all! New Day is indeed a very special place! Melody has grown so much!
Praying for that big transition tomorrow—may His grace flow down abundantly as you all transition and begin life as a family together at last!
Laine Ferrill

16 07 2011

Hey guys! So glad to have the blog to follow you journey. She is just precious and I am so happy for you all! You’re in my prayers!


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