Day One- We made it! We are in CHINA!

14 07 2011

After being awake for the past 29 hours, this post will be short. I promise to add all the details later!

Here are the highlights:

  • I woke up at 4am!
  • Our friends drove us to the airport! (Thank you!)
  • After trying to start taking pictures at the airport, I realized that my camera DID NOT WORK! WHAT?
  • Yes, I did check the camera and it worked fine yesterday!
  • The plane ride was LONG!
  • Our guide Theresa is extra sweet.
  • We paid an ureasonable amount to get the camera repaired in Beijing.
  • Everyone is snoring right now….I cannot wait to get in the bed.
  • We are so thrilled to finally be here!

Needless to say the pictures today are few…but here is what I got friends! I promise to have more tomorrow. We are visiting New Day from 9am to 5pm! I am so excited to love and hug on all those sweet faces. We will finally meet our girl! I think our Gotcha day has been moved to Saturday. But I will get my first hug tomorrow!!!

**The cookie picture is for someone special who Loves those cookies!!!

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16 responses

14 07 2011

Just had a chance to drop by… as for the camera… should have just bought a new one… excited to see what the future holds but we already know 🙂 Hugs…

14 07 2011

YEAH!!!! So glad you’re there safe and sound!!! Tomorrow is going to be amazing and I cannot wait to hear about it!!! Have an awesome sleep tonight friend!!

14 07 2011
Tom and Kathy Miller


I’m so glad you got there safely, sleep well!! We have been praying for you all, especially your new, sweet girl (that face, what a beauty!), that God would comfort her heart with all the changes to come. We can’t wait to finally meet her in person. Have a great time. Give a big hug and kiss to E.G. Love you all.

Tom and Kathy

14 07 2011

You made it!! Can’t wait to see Melody in your arms. Would you give her a hug from me and my girlies, please. So close!

14 07 2011
Kristen Smith

We miss you already! It feels funny looking over seeing such a dark house …… knowing you are so far away! I prayed all day Thursday for your safety! So glad you are all there and well!!!!

My heart is filled with excitement for you right now! Can’t wait to see pictures of Hannah Li!

Have fun at New Day…….maybe you’ll see “my baby”!!!!
Love and hugs to you all!!!

14 07 2011

Panic about the camera not working is what I am feeling right now. Ok I know it is fixed but I can just imagine the panic you felt.

I am glad all are safe in China. Can’t wait to see the cuties from New Day!

Squeeze little miss for us!!!

14 07 2011

Thanks for the letter. Wanda and I are following the blog and you and the
family are in our prayers. Just know that I am always interested in what is
going on in your life. Isaiah 12:2

John & Wanda

14 07 2011

Yay! You are so close to holding your precious daughter in your arms!! Can’t wait to hear all about it! Hope you got some good rest. Love all of you!!

14 07 2011

Hey, that’s me!!!! I love those cookies!!!!! I hope they still have those when I go! So happy that you made it safely and can’t wait for more pictures. (: Sorry that you had to pay to have your camera fixed, but we would have been so sad without pictures. ): Miss you already. Hope you are snoring right along with the rest of your crew right now.
Love you all!!!

14 07 2011
Kelly Pazzaglia

Hey! So glad to hear you are there! My friend in Dothan, Alabama gave me a blog of a family that is also adopting from New Day. Their last name is Colbert and the little girl’s name is Molly. They just got the call June 22nd so I am not sure when they will travel. I can’t wait to see pictures! What a special time for all of you! Have fun!!

14 07 2011

Yay! You made it safely to China!!!!! SO sorry about the camera situation. UGH. They have you and they know it~ you’ve got to have your camera, though.

Cannot wait to see your girl IN your arms!!!!!

So excited for you. It’s happening. Breath.

14 07 2011
Michelle Colbert

Kelly Pazzaglia gave me your name and your blog. We are going to be a few months behind you in going to New Day. We are adopting a little one from there named Molly. She is in a foster home right now so she may not be there. I know you are going to have an exciting, life-changing trip meeting your new little girl. I know what a long road it has been for you and am so happy for you. Please give all of those New Day babies some kisses for us and have a great trip. We will be praying for you!!

14 07 2011

The rest of your family visited with Aunt Rose today – it was a special time for everyone…Princess loves her and the feeling is sooo mutual. Bolt is a great big brother and as Aunt Rose prayed for all of you today, our eyes filled with tears – it was like Memaw was praying. Skype is coming soon to a computer near you…

14 07 2011

Glad you made it safely. Cannot wait to see pictures of Melody in your arms. I just told our kiddos that Melody most likely has now met her forever mommy and daddy. They are so excited that she is finally with her family!

15 07 2011

Which airline and route did you go from Charlotte? I am dreading it next time I have to go – I HATE FLYING ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

15 07 2011

Was it a smooth ride at least?

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