Expect the unexpected…

9 07 2011

At about 8:15pm last night, the princess took a terrible fall. She hit her mouth/tooth on a bench. The impact was so hard it knocked out one of her baby teeth root and all. Her lip and gums are so bruised and sore. This blog post is to request prayer for our sweet girl. We spent four hours in the emergency room making sure that her lip did not need stitches. I am happy to report that she did not have to get stitches. However, it did take three different doctors to make that decision. Princess was exhaused by midnight and just went to sleep waiting! I know that God protected our princess. It could have been so much worse.

Will you pray for our girl over the next few days? This mommy cannot bear the thought of leaving her when she is hurting. Our God is amazing and is the Great Physician! He can do mighty things!

***The picture quality is terrible from my cell phone! Sorry!


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2 responses

9 07 2011

Praying for your Princess- for quick complete healing, and prayers for your Mommy heart! She is in His hands 🙂

13 07 2011

Levine’s is the best – so glad you went there. Molly goes there with her kidney’s – in fact we have to go today.

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