Our Travel Itinerary

8 07 2011

Want to know what we are doing in China for two weeks? Well here is our travel itinerary for the trip! This is so exciting to finally be given the final plan and to see the date on paper that we will finally see our Melody.

So…very thankful….so very blessed!

July 14th: Arriving in Beijing  at 14:40- meet guide from
CWTS at Beijing airport  (Stay at Wangfujing Grand Hotel)

July 15th: Visit the New Day/Gotcha Day

July 16th: Local sightseeing: Great Wall

July 17th: Fly from Beijing to Hohhot-
meet guide from CWTS at Hohhot
airport (Stay at Sheraton Hohhot Hotel)

 July 18th: Registration & Notarization

July 19th: Apply for the passport

July 20th: Local sightseeing:Inner MongoliaMuseum

July 21st: Local sightseeing: Inner Mongolia Jokhang

July 22nd: Fly from Huhhot to Guangzhou (19:10/22:20)  Meet guide from CWTS at Guangzhou airport                                                  (Stay at White Swan Hotel inGuangzhou)

July 23rd: Take picture and do medical examination

July 24th: Local sightseeing: Safari Park

July 25th: Pick up the physical report

July 26th: Visa appointment visa appointment at 10:00, swearing in ceremony

July 27th: Local sightseeing: Yuntai Garden (Cloud
Terrace Garden), the Wholesale Market, Pick up the visa

July 28th: Fly from Guangzhou
to Beijing (08:00/11:05) and then transfer the flight at 16:10




One response

8 07 2011
Jeanette R.

Yay!!! Can’t wait to follow your journey! You know how we will all check your blog first thing in the morning so just remember you have lots of anxious followers while you are away! Praying for you sweet friend and of course for your precious baby girl. Can’t wait to for her to be in the arms of her mommy and daddy!

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