Our Memaw

12 04 2011

It’s amazing to me what a difference a day can make in your life. Today…my precious Memaw left this earth to live in her eternal home. We were. not. ready. for this day to come. Oh, don’t you worry…she was ready! She was the most Godly, faithful, loving servant of God I have ever known. As a matter fact, when I named this blog back in February…it was because of her legacy and the legacy of her parents! I feel so very blessed to be given such an amazing Christian heritage.

There are so many things I will miss about my Memaw! Here is what was read at the Celebration of life service. The words were written by me and much too hard to read. Heaven is richer today…my life has a large part missing.


I learned From My Memaw:

a young child, I learned that living in the country for two weeks in the summer
was so much fun. She taught me that working hard was important. Memaw showed
me, by lovingly caring for her mom and dad, the value of family. She knew more
songs than anyone I have ever met. We would sing them for hours in the

my teenage years, she taught me that visiting your grandma was still cool. She
would make sure that she made my favorite foods:  homemade biscuits and potato salad- no not at
the same meal. Memaw always had time for me…even when I was too busy for her.

I became a wife, she taught me to love others more than myself. She loved and
accepted my husband and he became her biggest fan! She helped me learn that
keeping an orderly home was possible by keeping her home in perfect condition.

I became a mother, she taught me the “old” methods of calming a crying baby.
She loved my children as if they were her very own. Memaw always remembered to
call on our birthdays and sing…very early in the morning! She taught me that
serving your family was best exemplified by Jesus when he came to serve on
earth.  I have learned to believe in my
children, love them unconditionally and teach them about our loving God.

most of all, my Memaw taught me that Jesus loves me and offers a magnificent
plan of salvation to all! She showed me how to love my Bible and read it every
day by faithfully reading hers! I learned that Jesus did not promise us an easy
life but he did promise to be with us every step of the way. She would lie in
the bed each night and pray out loud. I stood by the door many a night and
listened to the faithful prayers of a Godly woman. Now I know that value of a
daily conversation with my heavenly Father. The legacy that she leaves behind
is humbling. I am not sure that I can even begin to fill her shoes with my own
children. However, I will try everyday to honor her legacy and serve God with
my whole heart.


what does the Lord require of you? To act justly, and love mercy and walk
humbly with your God.”

lived this verse out loud and boldly! I am so proud to call her mine! She will
be greatly missed but never forgotten.




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