The Princess turns two!

11 03 2011

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This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It’s so hard to imagine that our Princess is two. She joined our family when she was 10 months old. We could have never dreamed that she would change our lives so drastically. Her enthusiasm for life and imagination are contagious. We have celebrated her special day continually  for a week now. Birthdays are BIG in our family and her special day has been no different. I will look forward to next March when we will have two girls turning three on the 10th and 11th of the month. The party around here will be out of control!

I cannot close this post without telling you that my thoughts are continually drawn to a precious Chinese woman who chose life for her daughter. I know the decision that she made must have broken her heart. I will never forget that while we celebrate each year….somewhere….someone must be sad. I only wish that I could thank her for giving me one of the best gifts I have ever had the privilege to be given. I would love for her to know that her daughter is amazing, happy and loved!




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