How Do I Love Thee?

15 02 2011

“We love each other because He first loved us.”    -I John 1:9


Our annual Valentine’s Day always consist of a large breakfast, lovingly prepared by Mom. This year I decided to have our time of celebration during dinner due to school. I have to be honest when I say, that this year February 14th was a very rough day for me. Why? Well, Princess was sick. It was the very first time that she has been sick since we brought her home from China. She had a fever and a very odd virus that made her mouth so sore that she would not eat or drink….for DAYS! So, needless to say, she was extremely miserable and fussy. As a last resort, I had to break down and buy these:

I am sad to admit that my husband had to cook the eggs and bacon when he arrived home from work. So, this Valentine’s day is not winning any awards for “best in history” but….what really matters is that we were all together for dinner. We laughed and spent time together even as our Princess screamed and cried!

So, How Do I Love Thee?

  • I Love the way you accept others just as they are.
  • I Love it when you give a hug for no apparent reason.
  • I Love watching the way you adore your little sister.

  • I Love to hear you laugh…outloud.
  • I Love the way you think everything is negotiable.
  • I Love that you keep your room so organized and clean.

  • I Love to listen to you tell detailed stories about your day.
  • I Love to see you smile when I pick you up from school.
  • I Love the way you always try to please others.

  • I Love watching you express your love to your babies and Mini M*use too.
  • I Love to stare into your almond-shaped eyes.
  • I Love it when you say, “Mommy, I wuv you.”

  • I Love the way you can laugh at difficult situations.
  • I Love it when you believe in me more than I believe in myself.
  • I LOVE the way you empty the dishwasher…no really, I DO!



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